Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Your hair’s all floopy, mum

Yesterday morning, having managed to shower and dry my hair while R* watched Timothy Goes to School, I was putting my make-up on (fairly rare occurrence since I work from home and usually manage the nursery school drop-off bundled up in big coat and hat and scarf, so un-coiffed state can go unnoticed) when she came through and asked if she could watch. Fortunately, she is over the phase of grabbing every piece of make-up and gouging bits out of it, so I agreed, rather than persuade her to watch more TV.

She asked lots of questions about it all and was allowed a teeny bit of rouge (figured it was the safest and least conspicuous of the lot) on each cheek (which I completely forgot to wipe off before leaving the house – oops).

I started putting it all back in my bag and said, ‘OK. I’ve finished.’

R looked at me, with her head tilted to one side and said, ‘No, you’re not, Mummy.’

‘I’m not? Why not? Have I missed something? Have I smudged my eye-liner?’

‘No, mum. Your hair’s all floopy!’

‘Floopy? How?’

‘It’s just wrong. It’s just floopy!’

‘Oh well. That’s what it’s supposed to look like, so you’ll have to make do with a mum with floopy hair.’

‘OK. Do you want buy something in my shop now?’

I am not sure whether it was floopy because I had gone to the trouble of using a hair dryer and actually brushing it in a specific direction rather than just letting it drip dry, or whether it was because I’d dried it flicked out, instead of bobbed in . The former is probably most likely, really.


* R = daughter, 2.5 years


  1. Ah, the floopy hair look. I know it well. Along with the baggy eye look, the chipped nail polish look, and the chubby tummy look. Out of the mouths of babes....
    thanks for popping by my blog ;)

  2. Or:

    Why do your legs look like daddy's?
    In what way?
    They're all hairy!


    Thank you for commenting

  3. Hi WAHM Bam!
    Thanks for following my blog
    I am soon to be moving blogging platforms and will have a hot new design so as soon as I move, I'll link to you too!
    Best wishes

  4. Thanks, Nadine. Look forward to seeing it!