Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Side benefits to potty training

The cushion covers and throws on the sofas get washed much more often (or, actually, for the first time ever). Unfortunately, though, she doesn't sit on them all, so some cushions look much cleaner than others. I'm tempted to pick her up and move her when she's watching TV and very, very tired.

Of course, I could just wash them all. That would be the sensible thing to do. But you just know that if I did that, the day after they went back on the sofas, she would pee on them.


  1. Make her sit on a towel folded up into four for thickness, until the whole process is over?

    We carefully purchased 3 sets of covers for our 2 sofas (special deal), so that they would last longer. We planned to rotate them so that they would wear evenly. Of course we now have 2 very worn sofa cover, and 1 almost brand new sofa cover which doesn't match at all.

  2. Worth of try, yes. Though I have a feeling she'd be more inclined to make a cover out of it, or a tent, or wrapping paper... or anything other than something to sit on and stop her peeing on the sofa! I will try it in the morning, though.

    Ah... spare covers. Very sensible. Probably far too sensible for me to ever get round to sorting it out.

  3. I had the same when my daughter was projectile vomitting.

    Suddenly the white cotton loose covers that all fit n the machine in one go AND can be washed at hot hot hot temperatures came into their own.

    I just couldn't always be bothered to strip them all...

  4. They all fit in the machine in one go? Actually, I think mine might as well. It's such a bother stripping them, though, and then putting them back on is even worse!