Tuesday, 20 January 2009

It's carnival time!

Head on over to Alpha Mummy for the latest British Mummy (and Daddy) Bloggers Carnival. The last one of these was what persuaded me to finally dip my toes into the Mummy Blogging waters and is also where I discovered many of the blogs on my blog roll. I have yet to read them all, though there are some great bloggers listed on there, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find something you like.


  1. Hey there Coding Mamma!
    Just coming over for a visit after seeing you on the Alpha Mummy carnival.
    I see from your make up post that you have a young daughter there - hells bells if she's anything like my 3 year old I'm holding your hand right now in comfort!
    I sit there putting my make up on and she just stares STARES and I absolutely know she is plotting something!

  2. She has on different occasions taking the felt tips and tried to draw on lipstick, eyeliner, rouge and nail varnish on hands and toes! I really should lock myself in the loo when putting make-up on!

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm off to read all the carnival posts, now, having persuaded R that she did in fact need to go to sleep and not do a poo (tried it on twice, despite having been put on the potty before lights out). Sigh.