Who am I?

I'm Tasha Goddard, sometimes known as Coding Mamma, sometimes known as WAHM-BAM, sometimes known as Mummmmmmy and sometimes even known as Darling.

I am mum to two lovely (most of the time) girls, Rosemary (almost 4) and Eleanor (almost 1) – and, yes, those are their real names. I'm married to Chris, with whom I run a business, providing services to educational publishers. We work from home and split everything, roughly equally – work, domestic stuff and childcare (though Chris hasn't yet mastered breastfeeding, so that's all on me for the moment).

This blog is really a bit of a mish-mash, though its main theme is parenting. I talk about lots of different things, from the struggles (and benefits) of working from home to dealing with bedtime issues, temper tantrums and mealtime problems to baby stuff, like breastfeeding and baby-led weaning. Sometimes I write reviews of books I've read, products I've been sent to try, or just things I've enjoyed (or hated). (If I'm writing about something I've been sent, I'll tell you so – see the Disclosures page for more information about that kind of thing – but I will always be completely honest. I do not accept money, or goods, for writing positive reviews.)

These days, I have teeny tiny amounts of spare time, so have not been blogging anywhere near as often as I'd like to. I'm hoping that the next few months will be calmer and that I'll have at least one evening a week for blogging, hopefully a bit more. In light of the small amount of time I have, I'm less likely to be writing reviews and memes and such like, and more likely to just write when it comes to me – though there will be exceptions. While I'd love to make you laugh out loud, like some of my favourite bloggers, I'm much more likely to make you think and 'Interesting post', is a commoner comment than 'ROFL'.

For the most part, I'd just say, take me as I am – subscribe, check in occasionally (or even obsessively, if you like) and hopefully you'll enjoy sticking around for a bit.

Please do comment. I love to read your comments and one day will hopefully get back to a point where I can reply to them all, because it means a lot to me to have that blogging conversation. Oh, and you should follow me on Twitter, of course (link over there on the right somewhere), because sometimes I natter on for ages there, via my phone