Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Gallery: A memory

Well, I thought it’s about time I joined in with The Gallery and this week’s prompt is a particularly nice one, I think, because that’s what photographs usually are for me – memories. Of course, they can’t replace actual memories, but they can usually jog them and remind us of a place, a person, a feeling, or just who we were once upon a time.

This is me, many many moons ago:


Rosemary is just about to start school, which will hopefully be a wonderfully exciting and fascinating adventure for her. And I really believe she is going to love school, as long as they can challenge her enough. They weren’t able to challenge me enough, which is why, at the age of seven, I swapped the schoolroom for the kitchen. This is me in my home school. This is where I spent my mornings soaking up knowledge. Delving into the wonders of algebra and symmetry, finding out about the Egyptians and the Greeks, drawing pictures of plants and birds, doing science with candles and jars of water, learning French from a secondary school textbook, learning Esperanto from a correspondence course. This is also where I would eat my lunch of diced up lettuce, cucumber, tomato (from the garden/allotment), cottage cheese and crushed up prawn cocktail crisps, while listening to The Archers. This is where I learnt to sew, to macrame, to knit (none of which really stuck, sadly) and wrote limericks and stories and illustrated books, while listening to the Afternoon Play. For me, this was a place of wonder, far more satisfying than the one I had left. I hope that Rosemary finds her wonder at her new school, but if she doesn’t we’ll make sure she gets it somehow, somewhere, whether at another school, at home or somewhere as yet unthought of.


  1. That is amazing Tasha! What an amazing schooling. Like you I was so bored, I'd read a book a day during school time. It was only when I went to a private school for high school that I actually started enjoying school. Great memory - so inspirational, actually, since I've been looking in to homeschooling for K!

  2. Your schooling sounds so much fun you speak so fondly off it x

  3. Luschka: If you're thinking about homeschooling for K, you should check out Grit's blog -

    Kerry: It was great, yes!

  4. You are such a passionate person and it shines through your words. I am sure no matter where your youngling goes she will find a passion like you and soak in the world around her.

    You have inspired me to make more of the time I am spending at home with my 17 month old son. It is never too early to learn and I should make the most of our time together and take advantage of our surroundings.

    Thank you, Take care
    Kate Collings

  5. Kate: Thank you for your lovely words. Enjoy your time with your boy - that is definitely a wonderful age, where so much is going in - though, of course learning is lifelong and it's never too late to start!

  6. That sounds so lovely. I'm definitely open to the idea of homeschooling if my daughter doesn't like state school or isn't challenged enough. At the moment she is uber-excited though. Can you believe our babies are gong to big girl school?! Sigh.