Disclosures, PR, etc.


I am a Huggies Mum and an independent blogger. My affiliation with Huggies does not change my capacity to blog independently. I have agreed to disclose in my postings when I receive a product, sample or sponsorship from Huggies. In no way am I financially rewarded by Huggies. Huggies sponsored my ticket to Cybermummy, fed us breakfast and helped us out throughout the day (e.g. by keeping hold of my bags, so I could actually walk around!). They also put on other meet-ups and send us occasional samples. We're under no obligation to wax lyrical about their products (though we do happen to use Huggies Little Walkers and Huggies Natural Care wipes, both of which we're very happy with).


I sometimes write reviews of products or books I've been sent for free. I took a step back from reviews for a while, due to being too busy and feeling obliged to write reviews over normal posts. I'm now back to writing occasional ones again, though will only do those that really interest or intrigue me. Most PR emails go unread, I'm afraid, so you have to really catch me in the subject line, unless you're a PR person I know well and have worked with, in which case I'll read your emails regardless. I'm particularly open to fiction (momlit, crime and thrillers, general contemporary fiction, as well as parenting and children's books), but do have limited reading time, so can't take too many on. I'm generally very happy to review toys and clothes appropriate to the girls' age, as long as they get to keep them. If you need things sent back to you, I will require prepaid envelopes or courier collection. I'm also open to special relationships (such as the one with Huggies above), but again you need to catch my eye in the subject line of the email, as I receive far too many approaches every day to go through them all.

Blogging with integrity

I will always mention any affiliation, sponsorship or just free products I have received when posting about anything related. If I review something, I will do it with utmost honesty. If I hate something, I will say so. If I love something I will say so. And I'll also probably blather on at length about the stuff in between. I will absolutely never accept money to post positive reviews. If you send me something to review, you risk my not liking it and saying so. If you read a review, you can be absolutely certain that it contains my opinion – whether that opinion would be the same as yours is a whole different matter, of course!

Amazon links

Generally, if I link to a book, DVD or whatever on Amazon, it will be through an affiliate link and I'll get a small percentage of whatever you spend from that link. There are usually plenty of other places you can buy things.