Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Bad household management

We ran out of nappies. Had one for last night - phew! But none whatsoever after that.

So R has been forced to go out with just knickers (and tights, trousers, T-shirt, vest, shoes and coat, of course) on, along with a bag full of changes of clothes and the port-a-potty. My poor mum! She's (R not my mum) been doing so well with using the potty at home over the last few days that she was going to have to try this soon, but it would have been better parenting to have made the decision on the basis of her success at home, rather than a lack of nappies.

Well, it's only four hours. It can't be that bad, can it? And two bus journeys. You just know she's going to wait until she's on the bus to do anything, don't you?


  1. Not too bad. Only one accident, at my mum's house. And she managed to use public loos to do a wee. May keep it up for the rest of the week, if my mum's open to it.

  2. I dunno. Good parenting involves making decisions that help the child fit into the world around her. That involves compromise. They can't always be center of the world, not even their own world, and part of parenting is helping them learn that. I realise you probably didn't discuss the decision with her, so she might not realise she has just undergone a "not the center of the world" lesson, but at some level, she's had to fit in. I don't think that's a bad thing (although I totally understand the parental guilt!)

  3. Well, she decided to wear a nappy this morning, but then used the public loo in my mum's village twice, anyway. Difficult to know what to make of that, but at the very least it certainly did no harm.

    Have to say, I think I'll be glad when I don't have to talk about wees and poops quite so much!