Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Tag, you’re it

I have been tagged by Emily at Maternal Tales, Almost American and Amy at and 1 more means four (I think that’s everyone, but it’s always possible I’ve missed someone!).

1. What are your current obsessions?
To be honest, the only one I can think of is blogging.

2. Which item of clothes do you wear most often?
Long cardigan. I have two of them, and could really do with at least five. They go on and off throughout the day, depending on my temperature and comfort needs. Now the weather is more spring-like, they’re often used as coats, as well.

3. What's for dinner tonight?
Tonight we had noodle stir-fry. Onion, peppers, sweetcorn, pineapple, beansprouts and noodles with some pineapple juice, rice vinegar, sesame oil, a stock cube and some soy sauce. Quick, simple and very yummy – and one of Rosemary’s favourites.

4. What's the last thing you bought?
Can of coke, pint of milk and Special Delivery (sending out proofs) in the post office this afternoon.

5. What are you currently listening to? Timothy Goes to School, the dog biting his nails and Rosemary slurping warm milk. The dangers of the afternoon nap, mean she is up later than normal, on the first night in a while that I was looking forward to vegging out in front of the TV and catching up on my blogroll instead of working. Ah well, need to get used to the idea of not having evenings again, anyway.

6. What TV shows are you watching at the moment?
Bones and ER on a Thursday night – my TV night, which I look forward to every week. Am also watching The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Ashes to Ashes on the i-Player while working and have just started going through my Buffy DVDs right from the start (again, while working).

7. What are you reading now?
At the moment I’m on a bit of a Faye Kellerman kick. Am reading Milk and Honey at the moment and just finished Prayers for the Dead.

8. Use 4 words to describe yourself.
Contented, listener, hard-working, curious

9. What is your guilty pleasure?
At the moment it’s Fruit Pastilles. I’m really not supposed to eat them, as they have gelatine in but, for some reason, when I’m pregnant, I find it very difficult to not buy them and even more difficult to not eat them. Perhaps I need the gelatine to build up the baby’s bones? Yeah, probably not.

10. Who or what makes you laugh until you're weak?
At the moment it would have to be Rosemary. There are also a few blogs that frequently test my pelvic floor – More than Just a Mother, Motherhood: The Final Frontier and Millennium Housewife in particular.

11. First Spring thing?

12. Where are you planning on travelling to next?
Normandy! Going for our first holiday abroad since our honeymoon (almost five years ago), thanks to Chris’ parents who will be driving us all there and paying for much of it. We’ll be renting a lovely-looking house for a week and eating lots of lovely French food (though I’ll have to lay off the Camembert, sadly), probably going to the beach a couple of times and probably some other stuff, too. And hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to speak some French to some actual French people, which I miss a lot. I really cannot wait. It’s 10 weeks away (or maybe even 11?) and I sincerely wish it were tomorrow.  

13. What was the best thing you ate or drank recently?
Hmm. Probably the aubergine and mozzarella pasta on Monday night, though last night’s lasagne (dug out from the freezer, so not as nice as it is fresh) came pretty close, too.

14. When did you last get tipsy?
I really can’t remember. Maybe Christmas, though I don’t think I really did get tipsy, then, even though I wasn’t breast-feeding or pregnant. I just don’t seem to have the urge these days, and am content with an occasional small glass of wine with dinner and maybe a Baileys in the evening (nothing at all at the moment – the only alcohol I’ve had since getting pregnant is one sip of Chris’ beer).

15. What is your favourite film?
I have to pick one? I usually say When Harry Met Sally, but I haven’t watched it for a long time, so maybe not anymore. Grosse Pointe Blank perhaps. But there are loads of films that I like watching over and it depends on my mood and what I feel like.

16. Share a piece of wisdom.
Always look on the bright side of life.

17. What's your favourite song?
I don’t know that I have a favourite song, really. I have bands and singers and albums that I like to listen to, but no one song really stands out. One that I particularly like is Mon amie la rose by Francoise Hardy, but I don’t know that I could say it’s my favourite. As with a film, it can change with my moods.

18. If you could change anything in your life so far, what would it be?
I would make it so my dad didn’t die.

The rules are as follows. I tag you. You answer the questions, replace one question with a question of your choice and then tag 8 people. Simple! Here's the 8 people I tag.

Not sure if I can find 8 people who haven’t done this already!

Well, I’ll start by tagging two people who are off gallivanting at Disneyworld (or is it Disneyland?) since, while they may already have been tagged, they won’t have had time to do the meme – Laura at Are we nearly there yet mummy? and Erica at Little Mummy. Ella at Most | Least, because she could do with something fun/silly to do (I hope). More than just a mother because, while she’s already been tagged by plenty of people, she hasn’t done it yet, so it will still count. Tara at Sticky Fingers because, again, she hasn’t done it yet, so it counts – really, it does. Noble Savage, though it’s a lot less intellectual and thought-provoking than her usual material. Rosie Scribble, who I think may also have been tagged, but I’m sure (?) won’t mind being so again. Oh, OK, and Home Office Mum, because it’s not like she won’t have enough to do when she gets back from her week’s training.

Phew! Did it. Of course, none of you are under any obligation to do the meme, if you don’t want to/don’t have time/are incredibly fed up with these questions after reading them on every other blog on your blogroll.