Sunday, 12 April 2009

Review: Aveeno skincare products

Almost a month ago, I was sent some Aveeno skincare products to review and I’m finally getting round to writing the review. I used the products immediately, but my plan was to wait until I’d used the Daily Moisturising Lotion every day for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I have this weird thing where I only use products like that after shaving my legs and… well, I only got around to doing that twice in the last month. Yes, I know, ew. But I can’t shave in the shower (just come up all pimply) and can only do it in the bath and, well, honestly, how often do I get to have a bath? So, I thought I should forget about the scientific tests and just review the products anyway.

I got three products to review: the Daily Moisturising Lotion, the Aveeno Cream (specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin) and the Aveeno Colloidal bath powder.

The first thing I did was have a bath with the powder – obviously; I’m a busy mum who (as mentioned above) finds it hard to find time for baths, I’m hardly going to ignore the added reason/excuse to have one! The instructions said to put the powder in a bath under vigorously running water. I read this and hummed and hahed. Our bath does not do vigorously running water unless it’s stone cold. If you want a hot bath, you’re going to have to make do with little more than a trickle (this does have the benefit of giving you enough time to make a cup of tea and find your book and clean clothes for after the bath while it’s running). Ah well, might as well give it a go, anyway.

When I came back to it, the bath was coated in a layer or what I can only describe as scum. It looked like someone who hadn’t washed in a month had just soaked in the bath. And it didn’t smell much better. OK. All in the name of science and reviews and it was obviously of utmost importance for my blog, so I jumped in. It felt fine, the smell and the scum dissipated quite quickly and I was able to enjoy a good soak in the bath. And when I had finished, I can report that my skin did feel considerably softer.

I think it’s probable that the scum was mostly down to our non-vigorous tap, so I would still recommend this product, provided you have good water pressure!

I couldn’t find much difference between the lotion and the cream, though the cream is supposed to be an intensive one specially designed for very dry and sensitive skin, so perhaps if my skin was particularly dry, I would have noticed more difference. But both these products were pretty astounding. I’ve tried a lot of moisturising lotions over the years, in particular for after shaving my legs, as I tend to have problems with rashes and stinging, and I can definitely say that this is the best I have ever tried.

The lotion (or cream) was soaked up into the skin and I didn’t have to use a towel to get rid of the residue, as I often have to with other products. The softness lasted at least 24 hours, but actually my skin stayed softer for about a week after only one application. The lack of perfume was a big bonus for me, as many perfumed products cause nasty rashes for me. If only it had stopped the leg hair growing, as well, it would have been perfect!

So, if you have sensitive or dry skin, you should definitely try some Aveeno products. But I would also suggest, even if you have perfect skin, you should try it out, too, because you really won’t believe how soft your skin feels afterwards or how well the products are soaked into the skin.


  1. I also got the products to review and would reiterate all you have said. I used the bath stuff on my kids, mainly for the benefit of my son who has a slight touch of ezcema, which mainly manifests itself in very dry skin on his back and trunk area...anyway Aveeno worked really well. Didn't think to try it on my legs and as I have similar shaving issues I'm going to give it a whirl.

  2. Yep, my review had similar findings - the cream really is excellent. I have to say the 'scum effect' put me off the bath powder, especially as it left a pretty grim rim round the bath afterwards!

  3. Yes, that scum thing was a bit off putting (just the extra work having to scrub the bath!!). My kids thought it smelt like breakfast; good for s#1 as he LOVES breakfast but I, personally, wouldn't want to bathe in it

  4. This is the second positive review I've read. I may give them a try. A bit of pampering is never a bad thing.

  5. Katherine: It never crossed my mind to try it on Rosemary! And she suffers intermittantly from dry skin, so I will do so.

    MTJAM & Katherine: Yes, the scum was off-putting and sounds like it wasn't just our water pressure that made it bad. One of the obsessive cleaning things my mum passed on to me (for the most part, she passed on a complete disinterest in cleaning) was washing the bath out after every use, so cleaning the scum wasn't much of an issue.

    Rosie: I would definitely recommend them (apart from the powder!).