Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saturday mornings

Saturday mornings are one of my favourite days. Rosemary has a ballet class at the leisure centre at 10am. Sometimes we’re in a bit of a rush – we have to fit in a shower-bath before we leave, as well as getting all three of us (me, Rosemary and Eleanor) dressed and drying our hair, oh yes, and having breakfast and at least two cups of tea (for me) and some milk (Rosemary and Eleanor – though different kinds).

We try to leave by 9am, which gives us a good leisurely walk and plenty of time for Rosemary to get changed when we get there. If we leave before 9.10, we can still make it, but have to walk very quickly.

Part of the ritual is getting a pain-au-chocolat each (not for Eleanor yet) at the Co-op on the way, and eating them while we walk (yes, I know, not the best way to eat).

And we walk along chatting about all sorts of things. Yesterday’s conversations, for example, included talking about the Easter Bunny and Rosemary assuring me that the one we saw at the Rococo Gardens the week before had been a man dressed up as an Easter Bunny, Rosemary telling me about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which Chris is reading to her at bedtime, and explaining the differences between that and the film Willy Wonka. Rosemary told me that caterpillars are baby butterflies and how they build a cocoon and go to sleep in it and when they wake up they’re a butterfly. And lately we’ve had the repetition and repetition and repetition of the question ‘Why?’ I resort to my Gran’s ‘Y is a letter and you should no better.’ after about 10 usually (you have to say it in a Welsh accent, otherwise it doesn’t work).

The walk includes a nice bit through Stratford Park, where we see (and, if we’ve remembered to bring bread, feed) the ducks and see squirrels running up trees and yesterday appreciated the shade brought by the tall trees.

Eleanor usually sleeps for the most of the walk there (and back), but wakes up when we walk into the Leisure Centre. While Rosemary is in her class (45 minutes), Eleanor and I have some time to play. Yesterday, she almost-crawled about on the floor (she moves around by rolling and spinning on her belly at the moment, and she can go very far this way), playing with a couple of her toys, chatted to some of the other mums, tried to pull herself up on a table and ate an apple-flavoured rice cake.

And then we walk home again, after Rosemary gets her sweet (which she almost always discards after a few minutes, because it’s ‘too chewy’ or ‘too sticky’) and have more lovely conversations. She sometimes tells me and shows me what she learnt, and sometimes doesn’t.

Yesterday, we also went to Tesco and got some food for the evening and also a new dress for Rosemary. She helped me find the right salad vegetables and found the Tiger bread and even offered to pick the wine (I thought I’d better make that decision, otherwise we probably would have ended up with something costing £20. While I’m at the till, Rosemary goes and sits with ‘the dogs’ (a guide dog collection point) and waits very patiently.

There’s a wall that Rosemary walks along until she gets to a lamp post and jumps down to me, a point where she stops to hide and I say ‘I can see you, lemon squeeze you.’ Actually, there are another two walls she walks along and jumps down to me and gets a spin. There are many rituals, really, which seem to be very important to young children. If we miss any out for any reason, there are usually tears.

It’s quite tiring, though not as tiring as Chris and Rosemary’s Sunday swimming outing to the Leisure Centre, but it’s really good fun.

Do you have any special days? Do your children have rituals on the school run or regular outings that cannot be deviated from? What do you talk about on your walks with your children? How long can you keep up with answering ‘Why?’


  1. I think this post sums up so many of the things I am looking forward to as a mom to a little girl. Reading it kind of filled me with a yearning for those thiI dont remember any mom&me or dad&me rituals as a kid, but we did have family rituals which included video nights and popcorn or fish & chip Fridays and going running/cycling together. I think those things are just so valuable

  2. @Luschka: I think they seem to be essential for young children. Having a number of things that are set in stone make it easier for them to deal with the unexpected when it happens.

    I can't remember too many of my childhood rituals, either. One that does stick in mind, though, is Sunday nights. They were bath nights (in those days we only had one bath a week) and my pyjamas would be hung on the fireguard to warm up. I'd get carried downstairs by my dad, saying 'Sack of coal, sack of coal' (something I do with Rosemary now, despite sacks of coal being pretty rare) and then get dry and cosy in my warm pyjamas. And then I'd get a mug of cocoa to drink while watching The Muppet Show, before bedtime. That's a very strong memory and it's from an early age (before I was 7, because it's in our first house).

    I'm sure you will build lots of lovely rituals and traditions together.

  3. Lovely! (And I am going to steal the 'Y is a letter' thing! I hope you don't mind.

  4. Sounds lovely!
    Geekygirl and I always go for a pain au chocolate together after her ballet class on Sundays.

  5. Yes, children do love those rituals don't they? It sounds like such a lovely morning.

    I actually like the why questions. It's one of the elements of parenting I'm more patient over. I find it easier to answer endless why questions than I do getting a distracted child ready for a swimming lesson, or helping with maths homework, or asking for the zillionth time why there are dirty socks strewn over the floor.

  6. Sounds lovely - don't reckon you can ever stop answering to why ... its a good sign that they're asking !

  7. this post is so gorgoeus :-) i can't wait til my Boy is that bit older to do things like this. He's starting to chatter more, his SOH is really coming out, cheeky thing! We want him to start dancing too, he loves to dance. We watch "yo gabba gabba" (on very early weekend mornings on channel 4) which is all about listening and dancing to music, and they have fab (grown up!) bands on every week. You should watch it!

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