Sunday, 4 October 2009

She’s in labour, she’s not in labour, she’s in…

So, those of you following Twitter, Facebook or Babyworld updates may have been under the impression that Eleanor would be here by now. And you wouldn’t be the only one.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. The contractions that started on Thursday afternoon and got closer together and stronger until, yesterday lunchtime, they felt strong enough and close enough to go the maternity unit, have now completely and utterly disappeared.

We spent a couple of hours at the maternity unit, but the contractions got weaker and they needed to witness three strong (“toe-curling”) contractions in ten minutes before they would examine me to see how dilated I was (or if I was).

They’re all fairly convinced it won’t be long, considering how far down the head is, but we still need those strong contractions. Waters are still intact. I have a feeling I won’t get the really strong contractions until the waters have gone, though I know plenty of people’s waters don’t go until they’re well into labour, so may be wrong there.

Anyway, they said we could wait there, or go home where it’s more comfortable and the TV works. What do you think we chose? Yes, of course, we came home. And Chris went out to get a curry – an extra spicy one for me. Seems to have had the opposite effect to the desired one, though! And I really, really don’t like hot curries – ow, ow, ow.

I think (barring an actual birth, of course, which would have been the best outcome), I prefer that the contractions have stopped completely for the moment. Because everything was very much on hold, waiting for them to get stronger and for something to happen. Obviously, we’re still waiting for something to happen, but we’re back to the possibility that it could still take another three weeks, or happen any minute. So, Chris will take Rosemary swimming as normal, this morning and I’ll do a bit of work while they’re out and send some invoices, so that when Eleanor does finally arrive we can afford to buy nappies. And, while various relatives will be keeping their mobiles charged and glued to them ready to come look after Rosemary and Wesley, give us lifts to hospitals, or jump in a car and drive all the way from Scotland (somehow, how I think that won’t happen until they have pictorial evidence that she’s been born!), we will be carrying on much as normal and will deal with labour as and when it actually occurs. Properly.

I’m wondering whether I should keep completely quiet (at least about Eleanor) now until I have an actual birth to announce. I’m aware that I am getting everyone’s (not least my own) hopes up every time I tweet about all these false starts. Would you prefer silence until I can say ‘Eleanor Brianna Goddard Clark was born at XXX on XXX and weighed XXX’? Or are you happy to (unintentionally) teased by false start after false start after false start? Of course, I get so excited when I’m convinced it is happening, that I might well ignore your wishes and tweet, etc. anyway.


  1. Personally, I like to hear what is happening to you, even if it is not quite what we want to hear (for your sake, obviously)!

    I keep thinking of you and checking twitter for updates and it is fun. Hope you are not too disappointed and I am glad that you get a bit of a break from the contractions for a while, it must be so draining.

  2. You must be exhausted - it's so frustrating when this happens - something similar happened to me when I had my daughter (or didn't have her LOL!!) sent home from the maternity unit as had a false start and it was so difficult having got our hopes up to be told it wasn't happening.....I ended up being in labour for almost 33 hrs when she eventually decided to put in an appearance at 12 days overdue!!

    I hope it happens for you soon hun, you body is definitely gearing up for delivery....I personally like that you share what is happening to you too so please don't stop - it's good to vent! It is such an exciting and unpredictable time - Thinking about you xXx

  3. How frustrating for you!! And you must be whacked.

    I think you should carry on twittering if that's what you would like to do. Sometimes it's good just to get it all out (the point of blogging for me) and I, for one, will keep on reading.

    Much love x

  4. You must be tired out.

    Do whatever keeps you sane.


  5. Oh poor you. She's really keeping you on your toes, isn't she? (when they're not curled, that is).

  6. Good luck with it! Exciting times...

  7. Can't wait for when you can make your big announcement, in the meantime keep tweeting even if it's just to pass the time!