Thursday, 1 October 2009

Quick update

Not in my usual style, I'm going to do a quick update to keep all the inquisitive people out there satisfied...

Eleanor is still tucked up inside me. But she is now fully engaged - in the words of the midwife yesterday 'Really, really, right down there,' and will be coming very very soon - again, according to the midwife. She has booked me in for my 39-week appointment next Thursday, but says she'll be extremely surprised if I need to go and that it's more likely to be within the next couple of days. She said there's no way I will go late, let alone make my due date and this baby is very much ready to come out and meet us.

I am now more pregnant than I have ever been before, which is kind of odd. We actually got to talk about methods for active labour and positions for birth and so on, which I never got round to last time - and had pretty much no choice over. She has given me her 'other mobile number'. The one which you call if you're in labour. And she will be there to help out if at all possible (she is off over the weekend, though), which is really nice. All the midwives I've met up at Stroud Maternity have been lovely, but the possibility of getting such continuity of care and being able to have the same midwife present at the birth who has seen me throughout the pregnancy is just perfect - even if she can't make it, knowing that she would like to makes a big difference.

Anyway, after all that, last night was the first night in ages when I didn't have any contractions. Perhaps because I was feeling happier and more relaxed?

So, hopefully the next post will be a birth announcement.

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  1. Oh, I'm thinking of you. I hope everything goes well. Am so thrilled as well that yuo are having a good experience with the midwifes too. Sounds just brillian.

    One thing I might add though is that my first was fully engaged and 'ready to go' from 36 weeks. The midwife kept saying she didn't expect to see me at my next appointment. He was over 2 weeks late and had to be induced in the end. So don't worry if it doesn't all happen really soon, it can be that they just decide to have a little pause before coming out to join you.

  2. Won't be long now!

    Take it easy.


  3. Wow that's so exciting!!! Good luck, I will be thinking of you xx

  4. Good luck Tasha - hope it goes just how you want it to!

  5. was hoping there would be an update here! just checked twitter, u havent tweeted for 11 hours so fingers & toes crossed for you xx

  6. Thinking of you and eagerly awaiting your announcement. How exciting!