Friday, 19 June 2009

Recycle, recycle, recycle

It’s Recycle Week next week and I’ve been tagged by a whole bunch of people (Jo Beaufoix, Maternal Tales and Potty Mummy and quite possibly others, too) to make a pledge and do some other stuff. My pledge is here. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but the last time I checked the nearest place you could recycle Tetra Paks was about three miles away and, since we don’t drive, that was too much of a trek. But I checked the clever maps on the Recycle Now site and found that there’s now many more places that take them, including one only half a mile away. I also want to do the composting, but need to buy a bin and wasn’t sure if it would arrive in time for Recycle Week, so that will be happening soon, too.

This is what you need to do:

  1. Visit and sign up to one of the pledges to waste less.
  2. Share the details of your pledge on your own blog.
  3. Chose five other bloggers, who will also be up for a bit of recycling fun.
  4. Come back to this post at The Rubbish Diet and share your pledge with others, by placing a link to your pledge in the comments field.
  5. Optional - as a thank you to all involved The Rubbish Diet will be publishing a British Mummy Bloggers' Recycle Week carnival on Monday 29th June. To be included, simply submit your favourite post revealing the progress of your pledge by Saturday 27th June - email to karen[at]therubbishdiet[dot]co[dot]uk.

So, goodness knows if I can come up with anyone who hasn’t already been tagged, but I’ll try:

  1. OMG Pregnant, because she should still be just about in the energetic (cough) second trimester, and what better way to start on the whole role modelling to your children?
  2. Part Mummy, Part Me, because newly married life, working, looking after a small girl and a rat can’t possibly be keeping her busy enough!
  3. Perfectly Happy Mum, because she needs a little something else to fill up her time on top of coaching mums and looking after two small boys.
  4. Milla at Country Lite, so she can test out the facilities in a small Cotswold village, as opposed to those in a small Cotswold town down the road.
  5. Zoe at Diary of a Surprise Mum, because she doesn’t have enough on her plate, holding down a day job and looking after the gorgeous Isobel.

Seriously, though… my theme in the tagging seems to be suggesting that recycling takes a lot of time, but it’s not that hard and getting easier as more and more kerbside collections are starting up. And with landfill running ever lower, as parents, this is really something we should be doing for our kids.

OK. Lecture over. Look away now – or go and separate your recycling!

I have also been tagged to do the 8 Things Meme, which I’ll try to do some time over the weekend. Also coming soon will be my take (as a graduate of home education, myself) on the current furore in the home-schooling world – it was going to be a fairly simple post about keeping an open mind about home-schooling, but it might just turn into a rant.


  1. Hi Tasha - that's fab. It's great that the Recycle Now site helped sort out your dilemma with the Tetra Paks. The folk behind the scene will be dead-chuffed. Somehow I don't think you'll have to go internet free. Good luck and huge thanks for joining in.

  2. Recycling is a good contribution to our environment. Cheers to all the mothers who will join the activity.

  3. I'm becoming known as the trash lady or the juice pouch lady at work and my kids' school. I signed our PTO up for Terracycle 's upcycling programs. We're collecting juice pouches, Frito-Lay (Walkers in the UK?) bags, cereal/energy bar wrappers, Nabisco wrappers, and Mars candy bar wrappers to send to Terracycle to be turned into useful stuff. There's nowhere else around here where those things can be recycled, and certainly nowhere that will pay us to collect it. (TetraPaks can go into the regular recycling at our trash collection place in town!)I have over 3,000 empty juice pouches in my garage waiting to go to Terracycle. The PTO certainly won't get rich from it, but I'm doing it out of principle at this point!