Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Morning girls

I love mornings. I do moan a bit if I haven’t had quite enough sleep but, for the most part, I am definitely a morning girl. As is Rosemary. Quite often we sit and chat for a bit in her room, talking about what she did yesterday or what she dreamed about. Then we go downstairs and let the dog out.

Sometimes we hang out in the garden for a bit and look at the plants, and often rescue them from the overnight invasion of slugs. Quite often we bake cakes or cookies (Sunday mornings oatmeal and raisin cookies were gorgeous and included lots that Rosemary could do). Sometimes we play or read books. Sometimes we draw or colour.

But sometimes, like this morning, we just sit together and chatter about all sorts of things. We talked about my cup of tea and how hot it was and how I really like to have tea in the morning. We talked about how Rosemary was going to practise tidying happily today, with Granny and at nursery school. (Yesterday, she cried at nursery school, because she didn’t want to tidy up and on Friday, she was upset after playgroup, because she didn’t get a sticker for tidying up. But yesterday afternoon she had a fantastic time tidying and hoovering and bouncing on sofa cushions with Chris, so she now knows it can be fun.) We talked about snails and slugs, about what I would be doing today, what she would be doing today and what Chris would be doing today.

And she gave me lots of kisses and cuddles and told me that she loved me, which is always lovely.

Anyway, I felt lots of soppy rushes of love and happiness, this morning, and wanted to share it, as opposed to the more frequent moaning or mulling over some topic. Are you a morning person or a night-owl? Do you have times with your children that you especially enjoy?

[Written on train this morning; posted at home as couldn’t find any wi-fi]


  1. Bliss.

    Mornings are tad unpredictable here. I have a blog post brewing. Sometimes they are wonderful, akin to yours this morning, and then other's are horrible. And the boy seems to have a right one on him. Haven't narrowed down on why, need to do more research.

  2. That's lovely. Thank you for reminding us that it's those little moments that mean so much.

    I like snuggles with Ella in the morning but she's far more alert at that time than me. Must take myself off to bed at 7pm sometime - then I'm sure I'll be full of beans at 7am too!

  3. I'd like mornings more if they didn't start at 5.20am. I'm not at my best then!

    Lovely post, all sweet and lovely and full of the joys of children. Ahhhh.

  4. You know what, for a long time I thought that I was a morning person, but I think sleep deprivation had the best of me :)
    I still love mornings. It is my favourite time of the day. It takes me a little while to get up on my feet and I am definitely the one not to talk to until I had my coffee. But once I had, I am good.
    My brain is at its best early in the morning and by midday it becomes some sort of mush that can't give anything anymore.
    I love walking in the street very early when noone is out yet and I love breakfast outside in the quiet when the sun is shinning.
    I love setting off really early for holidays.
    I think I definitely am a morning person still :)

  5. I am currently a night owl, but i think I may be on the cusp of changing, mostly because I am in bed earlier than I have ever been!

    Your morning sounds delightful... thank you for sharing x

  6. What a lovely post. My toddler is usually full of beans in the morning. The baby is always a jolly little soul (once he's been fed). I'm happier after a cup of tea. Yeah, I guess we're morning people :-)

  7. What a sweet post. I'm a morning person, but mornings are a military operation for us, getting two adults and two kids out of the house by 7.30am. I try to keep it fun, and have some snuggles, but there are mornings when it all goes pear shaped. Your post has inspired me to do better!

  8. Hmmm. Good question - don't think I'm a morning or night person - I'm too knackered to feel great about any time of the day - awful isn't it? And I'm struggling to remember how I used to be pre-childen. I think it depends on the day and what we have planned. Possibly at the moment mornings are better because the children are full of beans and much less grumpy than in the evenings. Lovely post - all cute and cuddly x

  9. My husband knows that I should not be spoken to in the mornings. If I speak to him first, that is okay!

    I am changing though, surely because of the baby. I am awake at 6 most mornings, but make myself rest as I know lie ins will be a thing of the past soon!

  10. SPD: When we have a bad morning, I find (when I think about it later) it's almost always down to me. Usually it's being woken just that little bit too early and feeling resentful at everything, from the non-existence of a ready-made cup of tea, to the perfectly reasonable requests from Rosemary to play with her.

    PMPM: I think that everyone has a natural time when they prefer to get up and going to bed earlier, or later, every now and then doesn't make any difference. The trouble is that, as parents of young children, it's fairly rare to get a choice in when we get up, so many people are having to get up at a non-optimum time. Your morning snuggles sounds lovely. I wouldn't mind if Rosemary would come in for cuddles in the morning, but she just ends up bouncing around and disturbing Chris (not so much a morning person).

    BiB: 5.20am is a bit too early, yes. Fortunately, for the moment Rosemary has settled into a reasonable waking time (touch wood), for me. It must be awful to be woken too early every single day. Have you tried blackout blinds? We have blackout lining on the back of Rosemary's curtains, which helps a bit, but they are not tight enough so the light still gets through. When she goes through an early waking phase, I start talking about blackout curtains!

    Peggy: My brain becomes mush around two or three in the afternoon, especially if I've been working since the morning. I love walking out in the street in the early morning, too! It can be quite strange. Especially in cities, actually.

    OMG: When I was expecting Rosemary, I used to go to bed by 9pm and get up at 4am. I'd work until about 9am, then have a long bath or wander round town, and have a long sleep in the afternoon. It was a very hot summer and that was the only way I could get any work done.

    Sandy: Tea is essential! I'd forgotten the nice mornings when Rosemary was a baby. Thanks for reminding me. She used to wake at 5am for a feed and then go back down and sleep until about 9am, during which time I'd get a bunch of work done. Then she'd be awake for an hour or two and really cheerful and giggly and such fun, before going for another nap. I guess we've always liked our mornings!

    Geekymummy: Blimey. Getting out of the house by 7.30am sounds horrendously difficult! We struggle to get out of the house by 8.30 or 8.40 and are almost always a few minutes late.

    Emily: Cute and cuddly? Makes a nice change from interesting! Rosemary can get quite grumpy by the end of the day and is so happy in the mornings that it's an easy choice for me. But I've been a morning person for a long time, so it may actually be more down to me and my influence on her.

    Dancinfairy: See what I wrote above to OMG. I really needed early mornings when I was expecting Rosemary. If the weather gets much warmer this year, I'll probably have to work out similar tactics - or do more work in the evenings, which I would like to avoid if at all possible!

    Thanks for all the comments everyone. I did think last night that I might have been setting myself in for a shock this morning, but it was equally lovely, albeit a bit rushed. I imagine, come October, and sleep deprivation, I may be changing my tune!

  11. S amd I used to sit together in the morning, eating apples and watching Peppa Pig. Now we're a bit more manic what with playgroup and all that but I love it when he finishes playgroup, we sit down and read a story with no tv to distract. Although more often than not, I get stuck into reading one of their books out loud by myself because they've both wandered off somewhere. Oh well...