Tuesday, 5 May 2009

While the kid’s away, the grown-ups will… work

Rosemary has been away for the weekend; she’s due back into the train station in just over an hour. She’s stayed away at my mum’s for a weekend before, but that’s a 10-minute taxi ride away. This time, she went with my up on the train up to Lincolnshire, to visit my aunts and cousins.

We were all a bit worried that she’d be too much of a handful for my mum on the train, because she’d been a little bit *cough* contrary recently, but she was really good. No problems at all; no tantrums at all; did everything she was asked to do pretty much immediately.

And she had a wonderful time over the weekend, playing with two of her second cousins, one of whom is a year older and the other three years older (I think that’s right). She ate all her meals, went to bed easily and slept well (though she did wake up at 4am one night needing Panda, who was out in the garden). She ran the adults ragged when her cousins were not there (they live a good few miles away), but was apparently very lovely the whole time. Think she will be going back to visit over the summer, and maybe I can go too, this time.

So what did Chris and I do with a long child-free weekend? Did we go out for meals and to the cinema? No. Did we spend the weekend making the garden look pretty? No. Did we do lots of DIY? No. Did we laze around watching DVDs and playing board games? No. We worked. For the whole weekend. Including evenings. We both took on extra work over the weekend because we knew we’d miss Rosemary and we’d need to keep ourselves occupied. We did make about two weeks’ worth of money in one weekend, which is pretty good going and we feel quite satisfied. But the house could certainly be a lot cleaner.

And we can’t wait to see our little girl and give her huge hugs and kisses and hear all about her weekend adventure (though, if it’s anything like when she comes back from nursery school, she’ll say she did either ‘Nothing’ or ‘Everything’).

What did you spend the bank holiday weekend doing? 


  1. I'm sure the change in routine was good for all of you.

    Sadly, May Day isn't a bank holiday over here.

  2. well sunday involved a long trip at A&E with 2year old, monday involved a day indoors as husband was ill with tummy bug. i wish i had been working too lol! £year old,2year old and 18th month old are staying at my mums tonight so i will enjoy i peaceful night and a lie in the morning (new baby will be with me but when she goes for her nap i will also be in bed!) x

  3. It's good that you made the most of the weekend - even if you didn't spend it resting - it was probably a rest to not have to be on constant child alert! Like Amy, I also spent the bank holiday in A&E...not pleasant at all!! I bet it was lovely to have Rosemary back! x

  4. Iota: I think it was, yes. Sorry you didn't get a bank-holiday!

    Amy and MT: Yes, I saw you both had horrendous A&E visits in your weekends (haven't had time to comment yet, sorry!). You poor things. I am feeling very lucky that I have, touch wood, managed to avoid A&E so far.

    Amy: Hope your night off is going well and you get lots of well-deserved rest.

    MT: It really was a rest, yes. My pelvic pain was practically non-existant and is back again already. I didn't feel nauseous at all, and have done since about lunchtime. But I missed her a lot and was so pleased to have her back - especially with all lovely kisses and cuddles I got!

  5. I have given you an award over at mine ! x x