Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hold it…

So, I know I said I wasn’t going to blog until after my long weekend away, but a tweet of Noble Savage’s gave me the urge to write about wee. I know not quite my normal high-brow (cough) material, but you really can’t ignore the urge to blog about wee.

As opposed to the actual urge to wee which, when you give birth, you become almost immediately able to ignore for hours on end – though if you forgot to do your pelvic floor exercises, this can become quite dangerous.

We hold it in for fear of waking a baby sleeping in arms. We hold it in while we change nappies. We hold it in just a bit longer while we put that load of washing on. We hold it in while fight to get children dressed, fed, washed. We hold it in while read just one more bedtime story.

I have gone through a whole day of not managing to fit a pee in, finally managing it after Rosemary’s in bed. I wonder if the constant need to pee during the night when pregnant is setting us up for the years of not being able to pee enough.

And if stretching our bladders to their outermost reaches isn’t enough, we have to add to that the indignity of rarely getting to actually pee alone. I wonder if all those trips to the loos with girlfriends in pubs and clubs was preparation for having to share our every urinary evacuation with the masses – albeit teeny tiny masses.

Do dads have the same issues, I wonder?

[Normal service may return next week, though I won’t make any rash promises.]


  1. I have actually wee'd with a sleeping babe in my arms for fear of puttng her down and waking her.

    Now, I sometimes run the gauntlet and nip upstairs when she is, hopefully, so engrossed in somethign she won't a)notice I'm gone and b) won't have time to get up to mischief.

    Or I wee at work (not at my desk, obviously).

  2. I have also wee'd holding a baby with a todler on my knee at the same time, and no i never can use the toilet in peace, once i held in so long that when i finaly went i had a crowd of children (my own obviously) watching me amazed how long it took for me to go!!

  3. As a boy its defintely hard to aim whilst holding a baby in one arm......

  4. you guys need slings! much easier to wee with a baby in tow, if baby is happily nestled, asleep or otherwise, in a sling! even Daddies can aim with a sling, hubby does it all the time :-)

  5. Ha ha - yes indeed! Interesting and hilarious...there you go! You did it ;-))

    You're so right - I hold my wee in all the time during the day just because there's always something more pressing ;-)!! But at night I have to get up and go about 4 times. Seriously. It drives me mad. It's not the children that keep me awake at night, but my need for a wee. Husband, who has the strongest bladder I've ever seen (well haven't exactly seen it - but you know what I mean) - has no such problem. I often want to time his morning wee because I'm sure it breaks records!! xx

  6. Surprised: Yup. I've done that too. I remember having to ask one of the midwives at the hospital to hold her, because I couldn't work out how to go to the loo and carry her at the same time, and she just cried if I put her in the cot.

    Nota Bene: Sit down! I'm reliably informed for people of the masculine persuasion that that is the way to do it, if you have no free hands.

    Allgrownup: Good idea. I remember the one time I did it while carrying in the baby carrier (convoluted contraption that I was not very successful with) and thinking how easy it was. I have been wondering about a sling instead of a buggy, actually - presumably would be a lot cheaper, for a start.

    MT: Yay! Thank you. I seem to have managed to keep it down to two times a night, especially as Rosemary's room is right next to the loo and I have this strong fear of waking her up and then having to stay up for hours getting her back to sleep! LOL at not seeing hubby's bladder - you mean you didn't inspect all his internal organs before walking up the aisle; shame on you!

  7. K is 10 and I still can't pee in peace. I swear that child waits until I have just sat down before she wants me for something!!!

  8. I have a lot to learn!!!

    Award for you over at mine xx

  9. I have never been able to wee with the door closed in the last 3 and a half years! My 3 year old son invariably decides he needs a wee at the same time so I have to rush too!

  10. Tawny: Blimey, I was hoping that there would only be another few years of it, not another 10!

    OMG: Thank you muchly. Think I'll have to set aside tomorrow evening for award distribution!

    Clareybabble: Hi there. Yes, Rosemary even had to go first today, after my scan, despite my having held in more than a pint of water of water for an hour and a half!

  11. There's an award for you over at mine :)

  12. I long for the day when I can enjoy the luxury of weeing alone!!