Thursday, 12 November 2009

John Lewis fashion

This is a sponsored post.

John Lewis recently (well in September – I’m a bit late) re-launched their fashion website and Anna Loftin from Cohn & Wolfe sent me a £25 voucher for the store.

Being a mum who enjoys buying clothes for her children more than for herself, I immediately went to the site and ordered a dress and some tights for Rosemary. Gorgeous, gorgeous clothes! There are some outrageously expensive clothes on there – baby girls’ dresses for £50 and more – but most of the John Lewis clothes themselves are very reasonably priced and comparable to Next, where I get a lot of Rosemary’s clothes. And, if I wasn’t having to watch our outgoings, I would love to be let loose on the women’s clothing with a credit card. Oh, so very much. There is some truly beautiful stuff on there. If I win the lottery this weekend, I will most certainly splash out!

Where do you buy your children’s clothes? Are your children generally more stylishly dressed than you, like mine are?


  1. That dress is beautiful!

    We use Next alot but I also like some of the Debenhams stuff. Asda are great for basics like pyjamas, sleepsuits and underwear. An I have the odd few bits from No Added Sugar.

    I could spend a fortune which sadly I don't have!

  2. The dress is lovely. Most of my daughter's clothes are from Next plus a few items from my favourite store - Gap!

  3. Gorgeous, the dress and Rosemary. I buy at Target (Cheap but stylish big box store, GAP and Old Navy (Gap's cheap store, not yet in the UK, more's the pity). My mother in law buys me lovely european (polarn y pyret)and South African stuff, (Naartje). I have a closet full of lovely kids clothes, and my daugher invariably wants to wear last years too small halloween T shirt with pyjama bottoms, or her baet leotard. Sigh.

  4. IM: It is lovely, yes. It does really need ironing, though. I haven't put it on her since that photo was taken, because I haven't had time to do any ironing. Though Chris put it on her the other day, with a jumper over it, and she still got lots of compliments! Just had a peek at No Added Sugar - lovely stuff, will bookmark for when we win the lottery!

    Rosie: Oh yes, Gap have some lovely children's clothes. Chris' mum and I went a bit mad in there one Christmas.

    Geekymummy: I see Target mentioned lots. Will have to visit one, if we ever make it over there. I am lucky at the moment that Rosemary is into wearing pretty clothes - though she is at the stage where she'll purposefully choose something other than the thing I suggest!